Ready, Set, GOAL!

According to a survey conducted by Gregg Harris, sixty-seven out of one hundred people have set goals for themselves. Out of those sixty-seven, only ten have a real plan to reach their goals. Of those ten, only two will act on their plan.

Did you know that up to $500 million is spent on personal development products each year?

The majority of people desire to get better. They’re not content with an area of their life. There’s a void. Something is missing.

A void will keep a person on a job that pays the bills, but doesn’t unleash their potential. A void will keep people in harmful relationships even though their hearts yearn for something more meaningful.

However, there’s always a breaking point when life challenges us to make a decision. The moment when we set goals such as:

I will graduate from college and get a good paying job.

I will find another employer that appreciates the hard work I do.

I will find a mate that will love me for me.

The types of goals that can be made are endless and dependent upon each individual. Yet, the desired outcome is the same; we want a certain area of our life to be better.

With a goal in mind, we start picturing ourselves walking across a stage receiving a college degree. We envision making a six-figure salary in a job that provides monetary and personal satisfaction. We visualize taking a vacation to St. Tropez walking along side our soul mate.

Yet for most, that’s as far as the goal will go. Why? Because there is no plan in place to achieve it.

Sixty-seven percent of people set goals, but only ten percent will have a real plan.

Realize that no matter how great your goal is, without a plan, it is simply wishful thinking.

You can’t just think and expect things to happen. I can think all day about making a million dollars, but with no plan in place, it will never happen. The plan will lead you to your promise.

Only two percent will act on their plan.

Many people will not achieve goals simply because they do not go after them. If the goal burns in your heart and a plan has been written down, what are you waiting for?

A perfect time to take the leap? There is no perfect time.

The right circumstances? There aren’t any.

The guarantee you will not fail? You will fail.

There’s a risk in pursuing your goals. However, there’s a greater risk in not pursuing them and never realizing what could be.

This past Monday, I stepped on a scale and for the first time in years, I weighed less than two hundred pounds!

It’s a great accomplishment for me because eighteen months ago, I made a goal to live healthier. It would have never happened without a plan of: eating better, exercising consistently, and believing that I could lose the pounds. However, having a plan was not enough. I had to carry it out.

Do you have a goal? If so, great.  Don’t stop there.

Get a plan. Write it down. Make it visible to you and follow it daily.

Last and most importantly, go after your goal.  It’s waiting for you.

What goal are you wanting to accomplish? What's your plan? Share with me in the comments below.

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Posted on October 16, 2014 and filed under Blogs.