The Journey of Success, Part I

More than three hundred and fifty brochures mailed out, yet I only received one response that did not materialize into anything tangible.

Promises were made from several people in the industry to provide me guidance and direction, yet instead all they did was take my money and left me hanging out to dry.

Countless e-mails and phone calls not returned.

Book sales not what I want them to be.

Yet, still I stand.

I stand with my head up high, even though, some days I have to force myself to keep it up. 

I stand, even through the disappointment, rejection, and the reality that my plan is not working out the way I thought it would have.

I figured eight months in and promoting myself strong, that doors would have opened. I strongly guessed that by now after speaking to over a thousand students in more than forty classes and a youth leadership conference that my audience would have grown. However, it hasn’t. Not the way I planned it would have.

That’s the thing about the journey of success: it is not always what you see. People say there are secrets of success and I, at one time, believed that to be true. However, months after walking away from a noble profession (education) that I spent thirteen years in, I no longer believe that to be true.

I don’t think there are secrets of success. I believe that there are seeds of success because what really are the secrets anyway?

Work hard. Be patient.  Don’t quit. Be consistent. Stay committed…just to name a few.

These are not secrets. Many men and women have succeeded for generations and generations because they have followed these rules. But again, these are not secrets. These are seeds. These are things that you and I do with the expectation that with nurturing and time, they will help us, and our business grow into something great.

The seed of working hard may bring forth results for somebody in three months. For you, it may take three years.

The seed of being patient may only require your peer to wait a year. For you, it may require a decade.

The seed of “don’t quit” may bring forth light afflictions to somebody else. For you, it may mean desolate valleys and painful falls.

The seed of staying consistent and committed to a dream may mean it takes your colleague doing something for a couple of months before they make it big. For you, it may mean doing something consistently and staying committed to it for years before you see any fruit.

All seeds do not grow at the same rate. Therefore, everybody’s journey of success will not be the same. Many people quit their journey of success because they don’t see their seeds producing what they envisioned them to produce. Frankly, I know the feeling. However, I am still pulled. Pulled by the greatness inside of me. Drawn by my desire to share my message of hope to a world that is hurting. Lured by my calling to empower people to go out there and fulfill their dreams no matter the cost.

Yes, there is a cost. There are no secrets. There is no magic formula. All there are are seeds that you must tend to. Maybe, this is the lesson I had to learn; that everyone’s journey of success is different, and that I mustn’t waste time comparing mine to anyone else’s. The only obligation I have is to take care of what’s mine and to keep climbing my way up to reach my mountaintop.


What's journey of success look like?

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Posted on September 16, 2014 and filed under Blogs.