Seize the Opportunities

As we get older, our days seem to become shorter than they once were. Our responsibilities consume so much of our time and energy that on occasion there simply are not enough hours in the day to attend to them all. If we focus too intently on these activities, we can easily miss others that do not fit into our established routines.

At other times, we may ignore things outside the realm of what we find comfortable, choosing instead to maintain the status quo because we do not want to disrupt the practices we have become accustomed to.

Still, at other times, we may fail to recognize the opportunities that arise because they do not come in the manner we expect or because, on the surface, they look far too much like work.

It is possible for us to spend so much time in expectation and preparation for what may come that we actually miss the very things we are waiting for until they have passed well beyond our grasp. The truth is that far too often we allow opportunities to remain unclaimed when they should, in fact, be fortuitously seized.

What opportunities can you seize today...will you seize today?

Sure, there are not enough hours in the day, but how can you maximize the time you have been given? What activities can you do without? Which undertakings are you working on that are not really benefitting you?

Those things that do not help you will eventually hurt you. It may not be today. It may not be tomorrow, but that which does not bring out the best in you will always be a hindrance to your success, both personally and professionally.

Opportunity knocks. However, if you feel like opportunity is missing your door for whatever reason, it does not mean that this is the time to complain. Rather, this is the time to create your own opportunities, and opportunities are created when you step into motion. You cannot expect opportunities to arrive if you are not putting yourself, your faith or your work into action.

Commit yourself to seize the opportunities that a new day brings.

Today, don’t get derailed. Don’t be discouraged either. Your destiny awaits. It may be delayed, but it is definitely not denied. 

Believing in your GREATNESS!

What opportunities will you seize or create today? Share them in the comments.

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