If you want to succeed...

For years I sat in convocations hosted by the school district I worked for wishing for bigger things. A bigger sense of purpose seeing as how many of my days were spent handing out disciplinary consequences to students who violated the student code of conduct. 

It’s not that I didn’t appreciate that aspect of my position as an assistant principal. Truth be told, those times were more than just assigning a couple of days of suspension. Those were the times when I could listen to them and try to figure out why they were making poor decisions. Those were also the times where I could be transparent by sharing not only my successes, but also my past failures knowing that many people (both young and old) relate better to someone who can say that their success came through hard work and perseverance. 

For years I sat in convocations wishing that it was me who was the keynote speaker because if there’s anything that I know, is that the life that I have led and continue to lead is one that can inspire many people. 

Does it mean that throughout the majority of my life I have been perfect and have never made any mistakes? No.

Does it mean that I experienced one of the worst childhoods that anyone could ever imagine or think of? Not at all. 

Watch Motivational Speaker A.C. Cristales deliver his keynote at the Pearsall Independent School District Convocation. 

What it does mean is simply that I know my purpose in life. I know exactly what it is because anytime I try to run away from it, it always comes back to me. It doesn’t leave me alone. It beckons me. So much that trying to escape it is futile. 

Your purpose is the very thing that both excites you, and yet can cause you some pain from time to time. Kind of paradoxical, if you ask me. Yet, living a life with purpose requires courage, and displaying courage is not always an easy thing to do. It takes guts to continue believing in something that you’re passionate about, but sometimes doesn’t produce the results you desire in the time you want it to.

In those moments of impatience and unbelief is exactly the point where hard work should come in and where the spirit of perseverance should take over your being.

More than two and half years ago, I made the decision to pursue my purpose and to not just wish for bigger things, but to actually go out there and get them. The journey hasn’t been easy. There has been heartache, doubt, and confusion. There have been failures. Yet, I did not give up, and boy, am I glad I didn’t.

A couple of weeks ago, I was the keynote speaker at the Pearsall Independent School District Convocation. Hard work does pay off. Perseverance truly is key.

What would you accomplish if you didn’t give up? What great things could you do if you stay committed to your purpose? The journey to achieve great things in your personal life, work, or relationship won’t always be easy. The easy thing to do is to give up, and the sad thing about giving up is wondering how success would have met you if you had only persevered.

They who persevere, SUCCEED.

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Posted on September 1, 2016 .