Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Success: It's Possible! Be Disciplined Stay Determined

Principle 3: Be Disciplined and Stay Determined

Welcome to Part Three of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Success: It’s Possible blog series. Be sure to read parts one and two if you haven’t done so.

Four success principles that Johnson follows:

Principle One: Do What Successful People Do

Principle Two: Outwork The Competition

Principle Three: Be Disciplined and Stay Determined

Discipline and determination are easy traits to talk about. It’s another thing to embody them.  There’s no doubt to the people who work with Johnson that he embodies those two traits.

“I always used to say the most committed actor I ever worked with was Jackie Chan. But Dwayne—this guy has worked out and eaten twice before he gets to the set. When I’m still dreaming, he’s up transforming his body.” –Brett Ratner

Johnson attributes his success of staying fit to the regimented schedule he keeps. His schedule and training serve as his anchors. If you have a goal, you must have a plan. What’s your daily schedule look like?

It’s not easy to keep a schedule. Not in the fast paced world we live in. Or with the many distractions that easily take us away from our dream. Idealistically, we want a stress free environment with no hiccups or hang-ups. Realistically, that’s just not possible.

It takes discipline to stay on a schedule. You have to be willing to say ‘yes’ to things that will aid you on your journey of success. You must also be willing to say ‘no’ to things that are not beneficial to you.

Success comes down to these questions:

How bad do you really want it?

If bad enough, what are you willing to do in order to achieve it?

When you can answer, “Yes, I want success bad enough I am willing to do whatever it takes to attain it.” Then you will stay disciplined.

You’ll wake up earlier. You’ll work more hours. You’ll seek help. You’ll do whatever is necessary because you want success.

Once you have disciplined yourself and are on a schedule, you will then realize the journey is not effortless.

The journey will get bumpy. You will go uphill and find dead ends. How will you be able to continue your pursuit?


“If you would go every day to a very large tree and take five swings at it with a very sharp ax, eventually, no matter how large the tree, it would have to come down.” - Ron Scolastico

Are you determined enough that every day you will stick to your schedule and do something that will get you closer to your dream?

It’s not enough to want the best for your life, if the effort you are giving is not the best.

Determined people stay on track through the good, the bad, and the ugly because they know one day the wall that stands in their way of success will come down.

What’s one thing you can do daily that will benefit you as you pursue your dream? Share with me in the comments below.

Be sure to come back for the fourth principle.

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Posted on November 20, 2014 .