The Journey of Success, Part V, Just Do It!

“You can’t cross a sea by merely staring into the water” –Rabindranath Tagore

Two Saturdays ago, my brother and I had our first ever signing event for our book, The School of Hard Knocks: 10 Lessons to Help You Succeed in Life. I wish I could I tell you that thousands and thousands of people came out for it, but I can’t. That simply wasn’t the case.

In fact, for the first hour and a half, the only interaction we had was with each other. As always, my brother and I did with the disappointing situation, what we do best, we talked.

We talked about life, love, and our future. We’re not blind to the fact that the results we are expecting haven’t quite yet come to fruition. Being at the back of the store in a room with no one entering was another reminder that what we attempted seemed like another failure added to our list.

We were disappointed, but all we could do was laugh. Trust me, we’ve cried enough these past few months, and that hasn’t and will not change the situation. So, we laugh and continue to hope.

Hope has always been one of our strongest anchors. When we were kids, we hoped that one day we would graduate from college, and be able to help our mom out financially. When we became teachers, we hoped that one day we would become educational leaders, and be able to help not only students, but also teachers and parents.

Up to this point, hope has never let us down. We held a book-signing event even though we had no idea what it actually takes to have it be successful. But how do you find out what it takes to become successful, or for one of your ideas to succeed unless you try?

Many people have an idea, but they never act on it.

Many people want change in their lives, but they never take the steps that can bring forth change.

Many people dream of achieving great things, but they never wake up and do something to make their dream a reality.

We cannot achieve a goal unless we try. Will we fail? Perhaps, but failure doesn’t mean your dream is over. You are going to fail. If the dream comes easy, the dream isn’t big enough. However, if the dream seems impossible, then prepare yourself for the improbable.

When your dream is big, get ready for unexpected things to test and try you to see if you have what it takes to continue pursuing your dream. If one failure or disappointment takes you away from your dream, you really didn't want it in the first place.

Zero people for the first hour and a half. Disappointed? Yes. Gave up hope? No. We just chalked it up as another lesson, another experience that builds resiliency in us.

Wouldn’t you know just as we were preparing to leave, three people show up to express their support and buy our book. Those three people made our first event a success. They were a testament of our hope. If one person is changed, challenged and encouraged because of our words and perseverance to continue on the course of life, it is worth it.

What do you want to do with your life? What idea have you been sitting on? What change can you make today? What can you try again regardless of the times you have failed? Don’t stare at the sea. You’ll never cross it if you do.

My simple advice: Just do it. Take the plunge. Failure or success. You will gain something as opposed to just standing there and gaining nothing.

Posted on September 26, 2014 .