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From the Vault: The Thunderstorm Season

This was originally published August 30, 2009

    I am going through a difficult season right now. That is probably the easiest and most simplest way to express it. Life is funny. Funny because in the blink of an eye, it can change completely.

    It could be a phone call that does it. It could be a letter. Perhaps, even an e-mail. These days, it could even be a text message that does the job. Regardless, of what it might be, something minuscule like a phone call or letter can alter your atmosphere because in that phone call or letter is a message so powerful it knocks you off your feet. 

    Before you received the message, you felt like Superman, flying on top of the world. After, you felt like Charlie Brown, dominated by your insecurities and the eternal feeling that the only luck you had was bad luck.

    A person once said, “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all.” I guess that’s one way to see it, but what happens when your season of joy, favor and sunshine transforms into a season of unhappiness, bad luck and thunderstorms?

That is where I am right now. I am an unhappy man besieged by bad luck in a climate of thunderstorms that would make you believe I actually lived in Seattle.  

    It’s been raining for a while, too. Sure it clears up from time to time, and if I look carefully, I might even see a glimmer of sunshine. Yet, when it seems like the clouds are about to split apart and unleash the sun’s rays, thunderstorms enter my firmament and disrupt my plans of enjoying a little time in the sun.

    It’s not like I didn’t see these thunderstorms coming. A meteorologist didn’t have to warn me and neither did I have to open up my weather application on my IPhone to see them coming. All I had to do was search deep within myself to see that these thunderstorms were a result of the decisions that I made in my life. Let me add though, that not all thunderstorms have come about this way. Some have come unexpected too. That is just the way the climate goes when you are in a thunderstorm season.

    This season is marked by thunderstorms in my life that are inundating me at a pace that at times make me believe I won’t be able to stand after the final lightning has struck and last rain drop has fallen. 

    These thunderstorms are characterized by destructive forces with one goal in mind and that is to inflict damage and pain.

    Damage and pain. Two words that are so fitting right now. I have been damaged by these storms. My mind, my soul, my body have been afflicted. My nights are filled with insomnia, which further adds to the stress and anxiety.     

    The result of the damage? Pain. The four letter word that is easy to dish out, but hard to accept. Pain. The feeling that makes your stomach turn and your heart palpitate a little bit faster.  Pain. The sensation that causes tears to trickle down the side of your face and your hands to go up in complete surrender. 

    Thunderstorms of great force are going to inflict damage or pain. There is no way around that. The results of intense thunderstorms are houses, cars and other property thoroughly destroyed. So, what happens when people lose all their property? Do they try to fight back? If so, against whom? The thunderstorm? Are they crazy? 

    No, most people don’t fight back, they surrender. Not literally, but figuratively.  They give out their information to insurance agents to fill out a claim in order for their material possessions to be restored and/or replaced. 

    My surrender, however, is to a different agent. It’s to an agent who in the midst of my thunderstorms, takes a nap on a Tempur-Pedic pillow. Yet, when He decides to wake up at His time and not mine, He makes His way into the pouring rain not even remotely fazed by the mighty wind or crackling thunder and calms the storm with just one phrase. Peace, be still. He speaks it directly to the storm and instantly the rain ceases and the wind dies down. However, if I listen closely, He also speaks it to me. He utters the words, “Peace, be still, son. I know you’re damaged and filled with pain, but I am with you.  I am your peace in the midst of your storm.” 

    I take comfort in those words because they reveal to me that just as suddenly as the storms of life come, in an instant they can cease to exist and out comes tranquility and out goes stress and anxiety. See, thunderstorms are only for a season and seasons do not last forever. I hold on strongly to that belief and even more to the belief that He is my peace. Guess on the outside my expressions may have shown Charlie Brown, but on the inside, Superman was patiently waiting to fly again. I am going through a difficult season right now. However, I will fly again. You can count on that! See you in the skies!

Posted on March 16, 2014 .