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Keep Standing!

Challenges exist for a reason...
and that reason is not to keep you from what you want to achieve. They exist to reveal how much you want something, to determine whether or not you want it badly enough to endure whatever it takes to earn it.

I understand that this will not be easy. I have certainly had days when I woke up and, even though the sun had risen and shone through my window, I could not see it because the shadow cast by the difficulties I was facing loomed far too largely.

In those moments, life seemed bleak, and my vision for the future was blurred.  Amidst those temporary lapses, however, my belief that the grandest things lay just on the other side of my tribulations, urged me to hold stand by my purpose.

What great things will you accomplish if you just hold on tight to your dreams?
Whose life will you impact today if you truly grasp the great opportunity that is in front of you?
How will you impact those around you knowing that you are here for a greater purpose? 

Don't let your mission in life be derailed by failure, criticism or discouragement.
Stand by your purpose.

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To Succeed, You Must Endure

Do you journal? I know we live in a fast-paced society, but I would encourage you to take some time to write down your thoughts. If not daily, at least three times a week. Research has shown that journaling provides several health benefits. And who doesn’t want to live healthier?

This morning, I re-read something that I wrote in 2010 about endurance. Endurance is simply the ability or strength to last. Maybe, this week you’ve been feeling weak. Perhaps, the motivation from yesterday no longer exists. Don’t give up. Whatever you want to succeed in demands your ability to endure.

Sorry to disappoint you, but life isn’t always rainbows and unicorns. However, in you, is the strength to withstand anything life brings your way.

Here’s an excerpt from what I wrote. May it encourage you:

I can’t tell you when you should no longer pursue a goal or dream. I can’t tell you when it’s time to throw in the towel. I can’t do either, unless, of course, the pursuit is damaging your life, and therefore you must let it go. Other than that, though, the answer to those questions lie within you. You and only you know when it’s time to kiss good-bye your hopes, goals, and pursuits. Maybe you’re at that point right now, but before you pucker up your lips, allow me to tell you that anything worth having is worth fighting for. You’re probably thinking, “A.C., I’ve been fighting for years and still I have nothing to show for.” That maybe true, but if the desire hasn’t abandoned you yet, and it’s constantly tugging at your heart, then know it’s because it’s still there for you. Just remember though, I am writing about things you are desiring that aren’t going to destroy your life and send you into a hole you can’t get yourself out of. On that account, I urge you to use wisdom and get understanding on what is good for your life.

Why do I continue my pursuit? Maybe because I’m crazy and foolish to believe God will use me in a mighty way like He said He would. However, as Ive grown and matured, Ive realized its all about timing. That is why I continue plugging away because I know that no one who plants a seed today sees a harvest tomorrow. The harvest comes with time. How much time? Sometimes more than we’re willing to wait. Other times, more than we can take.  Anyone can start a race, but the prize goes to the one who endures to the end. Will you endure?

Whatever difficulty you are facing right now is not here to stay. It will pass. Remind yourself of that, and remember you can endure anything that comes your way.


What is your reason for enduring the hardships of life? Share your comments with me below.

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A.C. Cristales is a motivational youth speaker, leadership consultant, and author.  He has been working with students, educators, parents and youth workers for more than 15 years. 

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