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Your Words Reflect Your Mindset

In my latest podcast episode, Your Words Reflect Your Mindset, a key thought is that what you communicate to your students will impact their mindset and performance.

Many students enter our classrooms with the belief that intelligence is innate. They have a mindset that believes that people are born with a certain level of intelligence. Therefore, when it comes to their intelligence level, there’s no changing it because it’s already somehow set in stone.

Which we know from research is NOT THE CASE!

Students can improve their skills and abilities because research has demonstrated that intelligence is malleable, which means, intelligence can change. Furthermore, research also shows that a student’s level of intelligence can be influenced by the comments they receive from their teachers.

Students who received comments which encouraged them to put forth effort, to work hard, and which expressed that they could improve their skills and abilities, moved towards growth mindset beliefs.

We should want to ensure that the students we serve have a growth mindset because a growth mindset says:

·       I can improve, so I’ll keep trying.

·       Improvement may take some time and effort, but I won’t quit.

·       Mistakes are not fatal. They help me grow.

The theory of a fixed or growth mindset comes from the work of Carol Dweck, and I believe the information she provides is paramount in helping our students succeed. One of the main things which can help our students perform well in schools is OUR mindset because what we believe influences what we do.

And we won’t be able to create an environment conducive to learning if we truly don’t believe in our students’ ability to learn, improve, or do better.  

How can you expect low-performing students to succeed when your mindset is set on the thought that they can’t improve? Your beliefs and words have power!

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