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The Journey of Success, Part X, Invest in Yourself

Warren Buffet said, “The most important investment you can make is in yourself…the best asset is your own self. You can become to an enormous degree the person you want to be.”

When it’s all said and done, your success will be determined by what you did and did not do. If you don’t succeed, placing the blame on people, your upbringing or a lack of resources will not fly. Success is dependent on you.

Do you desire to be successful? If so, are you investing in yourself? Understand that no one can take away what you do to better yourself or situation. They may take away your job, partner, or money, but they can’t take away the knowledge you gain by investing your time and energy into your purpose.

When you invest in yourself, you devote all your resources into doing whatever it takes to get better, knowing that your investment will bring forth positive results.

Think of a person with an exceptional talent who never realized their full potential.

What do you think stopped them?

Doubt. Fear. Opposition. The list goes on. I believe talented people never reach their full potential because they don’t invest in themselves. Talent will only take you so far. It is what is inside you that will help you reach the mountaintop. That is why you must invest in yourself.

For years, I’ve heard how much potential I have as a speaker, leader, and educator. I’m not going to lie; at first it flattered me. The past couple of years though, I’ve gotten sick of the word potential.

I’m tired of hearing of “my potential.” I don’t want my life defined by what could be.

He could be great.

He could be one of the top speakers.

He could be president of this organization.

All potential shows is what could be. Taking action makes it a reality. If there is a business, talent, goal or dream inside you, now is the time to invest not only in it, but also in yourself. These are three things that have worked for me and that you can do to invest in yourself:

1.     Be a good manager of your time – Time is the most precious resource you have. Wake up everyday with an agenda and stick to it. Remember, if you don’t have an aim, you’ll never hit the mark.

2.     Learn, learn, learn – If you want to be the best you can be, you must have a hunger to learn. The more you learn, the more you apply. The more you apply, the more you grow. Look for workshops, clinics, and trainings that will help unleash your potential.

3.     Block out the noise – You will have people tell you, “You’re wasting your time going to that,” “why are you reading that book”, “you don’t need to do that,” etc. You can’t expect someone who doesn’t have your vision to see what you see. Since, they’re not going where you’re heading, you can’t expect them agree with what you do either. They'll say it's foolish. You'll know it's wise. Therefore, whatever negative opinions they have, block them out!

Maybe these things aren’t what you are accustomed to doing. No one ever said investing was easy. It will cause you to leave your comfort zone, but the greater the investment, the greater the reward.  Stop living with what could be. Maximize who you are, sharpen your skills and become what you were meant to be.

What steps can you apply today to invest in yourself? Share with me in the comment below.

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A.C. Cristales is a motivational youth speaker, leadership consultant, and author.  He has been working with students, educators, parents and youth workers for more than 15 years.