Inspiring People to Become Mission-Driven 

Professional keynote speaker A.C. Cristales can help empower your business or organization by
inspiring individuals, teams, and leadership to be MISSION-DRIVEN, and build a LEGACY of success. Individuals with this mindset can boost productivity, sales, creativity, and the overall work environment.  

A.C. is bilingual (fluent in Spanish) and can provide his books and other training products that
compliment his programs. Any of the following programs can be customized as a keynote address, half-day workshop, or full-day seminar.

Living Your Legacy

Turning Big Dreams into a Mission Driven Life

Most business professionals want to do well. Find their comfort level and stay the course. But what if you could do MORE? What if you could not only tap into the Big Dreams and Big Goals that can take you to the top of your profession, but work from a Vision and Mission that could also allow you to leave a legacy of good in the world?  Would you want to? That’s exactly what keynote speaker and empowerment expert A.C. Cristales brings to the stage. In this engaging and inspired session he taps into the tools, strategies and mindsets it takes to go to the next level, and also to leave something that will inspire others to do the same. He’ll teach you to break glass ceilings, move beyond obstacles, and infuse your life with the kind of change that empowers you to reach your sky’s-the-limit potential. 

In this life-changing program you will learn how to: 

•    Become Mission-Driven to pursue legacies and the greatness within
•    Dream big then set yourself on the path of realizing those dreams
•    Take goal setting and goal-EXCEEDING to an entirely new level
•    Create more balance and joy in your life and career
•    Become the kind of leader that others can’t wait to line up behind

In today’s fast paced world of competitors and stress, you’ll find the lessons A.C. leaves with each audience ones that not only motivate, but show a clear path to success.  Ready to build your business AND your legacy and that of your team?  Call A.C. today.  

School of Hard Knocks Success

Cultivating Resilience, Creativity, and Momentum

Based on A.C.’s popular book of the same name, School of Hard Knocks Success shares the strategies, tools, skills and mindsets that create real-world positive changes.  Life comes at people hard in today’s world and there’s a lot to be learned from street-smart experience. Qualities like the ability to think quickly on your feet, look at the big picture, and finding the opportunities amidst the obstacles. Those are just some of the empowered lessons A.C. Cristales shares with corporate and organizational teams eager to grow their sales, production, customer base, and competitive edge. Want to learn more? Contact A.C. today!

The Courage to Lead

Strength Training for Today’s Corporate Teams

It takes more than a corner office or title to be a leader in today’s fast paced world. In fact, to truly give your organization what it needs to not just survive but thrive, EVERYONE on your team needs the ability to lead.  And that? Take courage. Skills. Resilience. Responsibility. Resolve. Big Thinking – and even bigger action. A.C. Cristales challenges your team to step outside comfort zones, adopt empowering change, find creative solutions, become thought leaders, and drive exceptional service and sales. If you’re ready for a power boost of strength – contact A.C. today!


Great speaker and funny! Glad you came to speak to our organization!
— Lorrie Carpenter, Battle Mountain Prevention Program
In my 20 years speaking and training, I have worked with and heard many other great speakers, but A.C. is the first one I wholeheartedly, unequivocally enforce and recommend as a speaker. A.C.’s message is relevant and powerful.
— Jim Bob Solsbery, Executive Director, CTE
“One of A.C.’s strengths is his ability to communicate effectively with participants. His presentation made them feel comfortable and encouraged responses from everyone.
— Karen Ohman, Senior Project Coordinator, G.R.E.A.T.
“Mr. Cristales provided excellent instruction, teaching methods and a great learning environment. He demonstrated good knowledge of effective practices, which will be extremely valuable to me.
— Javier Araya, Fuerza Publica de Costa Rica