A.C is passionate about creating a powerful and positive experience for every audience.  From his engaging and approachable speaking style, to offering the kinds of tools and strategies that can help people long-term. 

He is also bilingual and can provide his books and other training products that compliment his programs.

If you’d like to learn more – please contact A.C. today!  

You Made it to College. Now What?

Creating a Path for Success

Campus life is supposed to be fun, rewarding, and exciting. Many kids struggle however with the new choices, new freedoms, and new expectations. A.C. Cristales teaches the tools and strategies they need to enjoy the journey, while making the kind of decisions that will allow them to maximize their potential and minimize their stress levels. With humor, how-to’s, and a relatable style, he has just what your college group needs to put themselves on the right track to success both academically and in life. 

Living Your Legacy

Turning Big Dreams into a Rewarding Life

A.C. Cristales doesn’t want kids to just DREAM big – he wants them to LIVE big. To create legacies. To cultivate amazing relationships. To go after inspired goals.  With real-world strategies and empowering ideas he teaches youth groups to lift themselves past obstacles and roadblocks and propel themselves towards a rewarding life with sky’s-the-limit potential. If you’re ready to help your youth group go beyond limitations to create incredible legacies, book A.C. today. 

Secrets to Success

Real World Strategies for College Students

What happens AFTER college? How do today’s kids meet the demands of a swiftly changing world where competition is high and opportunities are not always so obvious?  A.C. Cristales shares the answers to these questions and more in a fast-paced, straight talk experience that gives college students just what they need to face the real world with hope, courage, and an action plan for success.  Call A.C. to learn more today. 


“AC was relatable – just like us – someone pursuing their dream. You encouraged us without sugar coating reality. For the first
time I felt I wasn’t just hearing words come out of someone’s mouth. I heard passion. Thank you!”
— Nishtha K. – Student
“Thank you! Your story hit me hard. I was close to crying. You really have no idea how much you impacted my life. I have a lot of respect for you”
— Israel R. – Student
“You were so motivational – you taught me that not only do I need to be better for myself but for the ones who love and take care of me. I have found the REASON to keep moving forward and not dwell on the past and to learn from not only my mistakes but the mistakes of other people.”
— Kailey D. – Student
“Your story on how you were able to overcome you past and look forward to your future and success really inspired me. Thank you!”
— Valeria M. – Student
“I highly respect that your presentation helped benefit us. You had a definite impact on me – especially as a senior who is about to enter ‘the real world’ and is in search of some sort of guidance. Thank you!”
— Sarah W. – Student