A.C. specializes in the following motivational and educational talks, though he is happy to work with you to customize a program that suits your particular needs. 


In this program, motivational speaker A.C. Cristales talks about his personal journey to higher education. It was not an easy road considering:

  • His parents' highest level of education was fifth grade.
  • The trouble he caused at school as a teenager caused teachers and others to say he would never make it to college.
  • The odds and statistics were stacked against him to be a successful college student.

However, in spite of the obstacles and challenges he faced, A.C. made it to college and graduated not only with a Bachelor's, but also a Masters degree. His story will definitely inspire and motivate teachers,  educators, parents and other youth workers to always believe that what they do makes a difference.

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of seeing students not only for who they are, but also for who they could be.
  • How their actions and words, both positive and negative, have an impact on students.
  • The privilege they have to make a positive difference in the life of our students. 


A.C. speaking to police officers from Central America in El Salvador.

A.C. speaking to police officers from Central America in El Salvador.

We have heard many times the importance of thinking big when it comes to what we would like to achieve in our schools, homes and businesses. While it is important, thinking big is not enough. There are many people who think of doing great things for their students, children and employees, but sadly with no plan in place, their thoughts alone will bring forth little to zero results. In this motivating program, A.C. will empower your listeners to not only think big, but to love B.I.G. Using the B.I.G. acronym, A.C. provides three essential things that must be done daily in order to love B.I.G., and that will ultimately lead to helping you and those you care accomplish goals and fulfill dreams. 

Participants will learn:

  • The value of Believing in their students and helping them raising their confidence to pursue their goals and dreams.

  • The benefits of Investing in the lives of themselves and their students to bring forth results.

  • The power of Giving unconditionally to your students in order to help them fulfill their dreams.

Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction Training 

Do your students feel frustrated?  Do they easily give up or sometimes not even try?

Differentiated Instruction strategies are presented that will help you build student motivation which in turn increases student engagement.  Fun, engaging lessons are at the heart of building a classroom that has participation from all students.  We also introduce methods for creating an inquisitive classroom, where students are free to question the material and explore the curricula in greater depth.   By honoring student voice, giving them more opportunities to respond to instruction and presenting the material in several modes and intelligences of learning, we greatly increase the chances our students will discover more ways of learning.  If we teach to their strengths and help them overcome their weaker areas, they will have more tools for their own learning.

"Your speech was very INSPIRING!" "Something I'm going to take back to my classroom." For more info:

Participants will learn:

  • Teachers are always looking for ways to improve their craft and Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction does just that by giving strategies that can be modified for all kids and communities – for all grades levels and curriculum.

  • Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction is an effective way to reach all students in the classroom and the stress of meeting the high expectations for all students is alleviated.  Educator’s energy can be poured into the students they work with.

  • Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction brings attention and engagement to each and every lesson.  Students are actively involved in the content and excited about the learning they are undertaking

  • Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction strategies promote having a strong understanding of the students that we teach. Understanding our students in their learning styles on the deep level allow for accurate assessing the learning as well as strong relationships between student and teacher.

  • Time To Teach Differentiated Instruction fosters reflective practice in our lessons which is an essential aspect of most evaluation systems.


The students that enter our schools are changing. Now, more than ever, there is a need for educators and youth workers to know the importance of connecting with students and the youth that they serve. In this program, A.C. provides insight to educators and youth workers on the many dangers that young people are facing today, such as bullying (school and cyber-bullying), family life, and negative influences. A.C.'s keynote will provide strategies on how to reach students and also how to combat the bullying whether it is occurring in class or through the web.  This program is designed to increase student achievement by emphasizing that one cannot teach someone they are unable to reach. 

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of building relationships with students in order to teach them and keep them engaged.
  • Strategies that will help them connect with their students to maximize instructional time.
  • We all play an important role in reaching our students in our school community. 


A.C. training police officers in Detroit, Michigan on how to build positive relationship with students in a school setting. 

A.C. training police officers in Detroit, Michigan on how to build positive relationship with students in a school setting. 

Maybe you have been offered a job and you are excited to get started on it. Perhaps, you are starting a new year on the job, but you now desire to have a different outlook on it. We all know having a job is important for many reasons, but having a job is not enough to make an impact on the people you serve. The workload will seem daunting at times. Things will go wrong. Therefore, it is important to have a MAP that will help you navigate through the trying times at your job. In this presentation, A.C. will empower listeners to ensure they have a MAP that will challenge them to always give their best at their job.

Participants will learn:

  • The importance of remembering what motivates you to endure the difficult times that come when working with teenagers and students.
  • How your attitude makes the difference between simply counting the days down or making the days count. 
  • The value of passion for your what you do and how the effect it has not only on you, but also those around you.