Whether you are a leader of a school district, a campus administrator, or a school teacher, rest assured that what you do on a daily basis matters. Motivational Youth Speaker A.C.Cristales has worked in public education for fifteen years. For eight years, he served as an assistant principal at Title 1 middle school in the second largest school district in the county of Dallas, Texas. He currently is a professor of Sociology at Richland College in the Dallas County Community College District.
 As educators, we want our students to come to school ready to learn. As school leaders, we want our teachers ready to provide quality instruction. However, that is not always the case as many students and teachers come to school burdened with the challenges of life. How then do we get our students and educators to take ownership of their required task? Having a MISSION!
A.C. ensures that his presentations leave an impact that will truly empower your administrators and teachers to develop their MISSION that will build positive LEGACIES amongst the students and other stakeholders that they serve.

A.C. is bilingual (fluent in Spanish) and can provide his presentations in English or Spanish. He also has books that compliment his programs. A.C. can provide any of the following programs as a keynote address, half-day workshop, or full-day seminar. 

Living Your Legacy

Turning Big Dreams into a Mission Driven Life

As educators the power to influence the future, build strong foundations for students and lift your own life to extraordinary levels is within your grasp each and every day.  How will you lead with purpose?  How will you inspire young minds to fuel great lives?  It starts by developing the MISSION and VISION that will help you leave legacies.  To do that you’ll need powerful tools, innovative ideas, and real-world applications. That’s what education speaker and empowerment expert A.C. Cristales brings to the stage.  As an education expert, he’s walked in your shoes and he knows what it takes to take you from ordinary to extraordinary. 

In this life-changing program educators will learn how to: 

  • Integrate life-mission philosophies that will fuel positive forward action
  • Develop the mindsets that allow you to turn dreams into realities
  • Look at goals in an entirely new light and take action to exceed them
  • Lead in ways you’ve never thought possible and trust that leadership to build legacies in a world that truly needs them
  • Create and celebrate a life that is memorable and extraordinary

A.C. leaves nothing to chance, and delivers everything educators today need to realize their absolute fullest potential.  If you’re ready to help your educators and administrators go beyond limitations to create incredible legacies, book A.C. today.

You Can’t Teach Who You Don’t Reach

Cultivating Empowering Relationships

A.C. delivering a parent program in Laredo, TX.

A.C. delivering a parent program in Laredo, TX.

To reach today’s kids, you’ve got to plant seeds. Cultivate relationships. Foster futures. Be real about the world. Help them help themselves. A.C. Cristales teaches all of that and more in this powerful session. He gives educators and administrators the tools they need to truly connect with their students. To stay off the sidelines and be fully present in the game every day.  To build the kind of trust that makes them ready, willing, and able to cultivate a love of learning, leadership and a passion for life.  He shares how educators can truly help kids turn little dreams into big ones, and big dreams into lives that are filled to the brim with greatness. If you’re ready to help your staff go beyond limitations to help students create incredible legacies, book A.C. today. 

A.C. leading an educator workshop for police officers in Detroit, Michigan.

A.C. leading an educator workshop for police officers in Detroit, Michigan.

Creating Extraordinary Engagement

The Power to Teach To Diverse Learners

How do you take a classroom of today’s sometimes entitled, often checked-out, smartphone addicted kids and nurture a passion for learning? For raising their own bar for what’s possible? For leap-frogging over obstacles and actively finding solutions?  You ENGAGE them. With empowering strategies and real-world tools that will have them sitting up and taking notes. It will have them hungry for more and asking you to help them steer their course. That’s exciting and it’s just what A.C. Cristales teaches educators to do in this powerful session. Call him today to learn more!

What Administrators and Participants are Saying

Great speaker! Great message that all teachers need to hear!
— Dr. Jacqueline Cobbin, Cobbin & Associates, LLC.
Real. Down to earth. Unique. His theme is good for ALL district employees. I highly support his movement!
— Dr. Nobert Rodriguez, Superintendent of Pearsall ISD
A.C. facilitates his program very well. He gives good examples of how to motivate students and used personal examples of how he has motivated others. He is willing to use self-disclosure appropriately to impact the training experience. Most importantly, it is obvious that A.C. is very familiar with “today’s students.”
— Lori Carpenter, Captain, Chicago Police Dept.

Zabdi Gonzalez, Principal at Caldwell Elementary shares about the keynote A.C. did for her staff.