A.C. is the perfect motivational speaker

to create memories and momentum

at YOUR next event!

Ready to look at life in a whole different way?  To internalize winning mindsets and create the action plan that will propel you forward in a positive direction?  A.C. delivers all that and so much more! 

Everything You Need to Know About A.C.

 1.  Start with his website.  A.C. knows finding what you want quickly and easily is paramount for busy event planners and trade-show organizers. That’s why he made everything on his site super simple to find and amazingly easy to understand.  See for yourself:  www.acspeaks.com

2.  Watch A.C. in Action.  A.C. doesn’t hold back when he speaks, he dives right in to share what audiences need to hear to be their most successful. Watch his demo video here.

3.  About A.C.  Some people talk the talk. Some walk the walk. Some share all the life lessons and experiences that go into carving out character.  A.C.’s story is a foundation for change.  How he shares it can be a foundation for the same in your organization.  Learn more! 


4.  Keynote Topics.  A.C. is passionate about speaking to a wide spectrum of audiences and bringing the most creative and captivating topics to each.  While you’ll find his most requested talks in the links below – please know he is happy to customize each to fit your audience’s needs. 

·      Youth/College Programs

·      Educator/Administrator Programs

·      Corporate Leadership programs

5.  Extra Offers…for Every Audience Member.  A.C. knows the value of take-aways for audience members and he will certainly send everyone home with powerful insights, ideas, and game-changing strategies to elevate their lives and inspire them to create positive change personally and professionally.  Some clients prefer to go one step further and purchase A.C.’s powerful "The School of Hard Knocks" book for their teams as well.  Learn more about the book here, and contact A.C. today to find out about discounts for keynote audiences. 

6.  Speaker Program Packet.   A.C. makes it easy for you to get everything you need to make a decision about booking your next event all in one place.  His credentials, bio, topics, and testimonials are available now in one neat, downloadable package.  Get your copy today

7. Social media. A.C. loves to interact long after everyone’s left the event venue.  Keep connected by following him on all of his social media channels!

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