Today's youth need direction.  Many are going through difficult times dealing with real life personal issues such as self-esteem concerns, family crisis, bullying and some even wonder if their life is worth living.

A.C. is passionate about sharing his personal story and the skills he acquired to live with a MISSION and create a LEGACY filled with positive results. Life does not start when one graduates from high school or college.  Life starts NOW.

A.C. is bilingual (fluent in Spanish), and can also provide his books to compliment his programs. Also, he can provide any of the following programs as a keynote address, half-day workshop, or full-day seminar. 

Living Your Legacy

Turning BIG Dreams into a Mission Driven Life

In a world that is changing, and often moving at an alarming rate – students need grounding that gives them foundation and helps them deliberately go after the vision and dreams they create for their future. They need powerful tools, innovative ideas, and real-world applications to turn their lives into Mission-Driven LEGACIES.  That’s what motivational youth speaker and empowerment expert, A.C. Cristales brings to the stage.  In engaging and inspiring ways he’s able to reach every student in an audience and make them feel like he’s talking directly to THEM.  He gives them exactly what they need to push past obstacles and roadblocks and propel them towards a rewarding life with sky’s-the-limit potential. 

In this life-changing program students will learn how to: 

•    Develop a life-mission that will drive their actions and mindsets
•    Turn dreams into realities
•    Set goals and exceed them
•    Believe in the power of their own futures
•    Go beyond expectations and become empowered leaders
•    Create a life that is memorable and extraordinary
•    Leave a legacy of positive change

A.C. leaves nothing to chance, and delivers everything students today need to realize their absolute fullest potential.  If you’re ready to help your students go beyond limitations to create incredible legacies, book A.C. today.

The Courage to Lead

Leadership Strategies for Student Leaders

It's not enough to simply stand out. Today's students need to LEAD. To adopt the mindsets and skills that will give them the mettle to take on whatever life throws their way. Courage. Resiliency. Authenticity. That's what motivational youth speaker A.C. Cristales shares with secondary schools and college audiences all across North America. He inspires courage, commitment, and the willingness to CHANGE and LEAD their schools and communities. Invite him to speak at your next leadership event today!

Choose to Say Yes

Powerful Steps to Promote Anti-Bullying and High School & College Completion

Just say no isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  It takes work. Courage. Commitment. And Character.  A.C. Cristales teaches kids how to make great choices. How to see beyond limitations. How to remove themselves from the factors that keep them from fulfilling the lives they deserve to lead.  With real-world how-to strategies, and heart-felt solutions, he shares the powerful steps necessary to turn the tide against factors like bullying, dropping out from school, and abusing drugs. Help the youth in your group rise above and keep from being a statistic by inviting Motivational Youth Speaker A.C. to share his game-changing tools with them at your next rally or event.


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A.C. left an impression on our students! They are still talking about him because he made them think about the goals and steps they need to take. Our students left inspired by A.C. because he connected with them!
— Rocio Bernal, Principal, Moseley E.S.
A.C. is passionate about the telling of his story and it is apparent in his delivery! His message is filled with valuable life lessons, courage, and hope!
— Stephanie Schinnerer, AVID Coordinator, Bowman M.S.
“AC was relatable – just like us – someone pursuing their dream. You encouraged us without sugar coating reality. For the first time I felt I wasn’t just hearing words come out of someone’s mouth. I heard passion. Thank you!”
— Nishtha K., Student
“Thank you! Your story hit me hard. I was close to crying. You really have no idea how much you impacted my life. I have a lot of respect for you.”
— Israel R. – Student
“You were so motivational – you taught me that not only do I need to be better for myself but for the ones who love and take care of me. I have found the REASON to keep moving forward and not dwell on the past and to learn from not only my mistakes but the mistakes of other people.”
— Kailey D., Student
“Your story on how you were able to overcome you past and look forward to your future and success really inspired me. Thank you!”
— Valeria M., Student
“I highly respect that your presentation helped benefit us. You had a definite impact on me – especially as a senior who is about to enter ‘the real world’ and is in search of some sort of guidance. Thank you!”
— Sarah W., Student