“I just wanted to let you know that I was an ambassador at HOBY last week & you truly had an IMPACT on my life. You allowed me to see my life in a different light & I THANK YOU!”
— D. Austin, Student Ambassador, HOBY N. Texas


Motivational Youth Speaker. Author. Consultant. Family Man.  For over ten years, A.C. Cristales has delivered the kind of messages that inspire audiences to CHANGE for the better – and for the long run. As a former educator, with 16 years of experience, he is passionate about helping our nation’s youth lead remarkable, rich, full lives by offering the strategies and solutions for reaching students at every level.   As an innovator, he is instrumental in helping organizations create inspired leaders from every single member of their teams. As a first generation American, he insightfully weaves messages of hope, tenacity, perseverance, and the power of taking ACTION into every keynote, workshop, and speech.  A.C. will challenge your audience to be creative, collaborative, innovative, and fearless.  He will give them the tools, training, and mindset shifts they need to make ground-breaking changes in their lives and careers.  He will make them think. And laugh. And learn in powerful new ways.  When you want inspired thought leadership coupled with definitive action?  Invite A.C. Cristales to speak at your next event. 


Over the past ten years, A.C. has delivered hundreds of presentations to students, educators, parents and youth workers. Using his own personal and professional experiences, A.C. connects and inspires his audiences with motivational talks and music! A.C. speaks at schools, conferences, conventions, camps, retreats, and other events for students and those who work with students.


A.C. worked in public education for over fifteen years, as a teacher for four and a half years and an administrator for eight years. With more than fifteen years of experience working with young people in public education and other non-profit organizations, A.C. understands what it takes to reach students, particularly those at risk, and also knows the importance of what a true leader has to do to lead an organization effectively. 



A.C. is co-author of The School Of Hard Knocks: 10 Lessons to Help You Succeed in Life, which is a guide for helping individuals achieve personal and professional success, regardless of the obstacles and challenges they face in life. 


As a first generation American, whose parents were immigrants from Central and South America, A.C. was raised by a single mother, who spoke limited English, but instilled in him the lesson that hard work will always pay off in the end. Regardless of his parents' highest level education being only an elementary education, A.C. made it a goal to pursue higher education. He holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Texas at Dallas and a Master of Educational Leadership from Texas A&M – Commerce. He is currently pursuing his doctorate degree in Higher Education Leadership from Texas A&M - Commerce. 

His life story alone provides hope and encouragement for all that through hard work and perseverance, obstacles such as the confinements of family life, lack of monetary resources, and the overwhelming amount of peer pressure that young people face today do not have to be barriers to achievement and success.


A.C. believes everything starts and ends with family. He currently resides in Dallas, TX, where his best moments are with his daughter, spending time with his family, playing golf, and watching sports. He is a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan. Therefore, he knows a thing or two about being an eternal optimist, and that hard work pays off...Cubs 2016 World Series Champions!