Motivational Youth Speaker A.C. Cristales has delivered hundreds of talks throughout the United States, Mexico and Central America. Here you will find video and written testimonials about the impact A.C. is making in the lives of the audiences he speaks to, and the value he provides to organizations that bring him in to empower and motivate their staff.

“One word to describe A.C.’s presentation for our District staff…REAL! He is not afraid, nor ashamed, to use real life experiences to engage educators in a realization that takes place today with our students. He did a great job of reminding tenured educators about their true purpose and gives new educators a real glimpse of what they will experience in this profession. We hope to work with him again in the near future!”
— Sonya Martinez, HR Director, Pearsall ISD

Watch and read some of the reviews below.

Watch as Pearsall Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Nobert Rodriguez gives a rave review about A.C.'s keynote presentation at the 2016 Pearsall ISD District Convocation. 

Watch a principal from Garland Independent School District discuss her thoughts on the keynote Motivational Speaker, A.C. Cristales presented to her staff.

A High School student shares how motivational speaker A.C. Cristales inspired her to write her own songs and chase her dreams.

Watch as AVID Coordinator Stephanie Schinnerer gives a review about one of A.C.'s youth programs at Bowman Middle School in Plano, TX. 

Watch as a leader from Costa Rica gives his review about one of A.C. Cristales' leadership program in San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Watch as a leader from Guatemala gives his review about one of A.C. Cristales' leadership program in Guatemala City, Guatemala. 

“AC was AWESOME!  He jumped right in and related to our kiddos.  He opened up and gave situations he had been in that allowed the kids to connect with him.  He made them laugh, and some even cried.  They came out of it motivated and wanting to do great things.  I would recommend him to anyone wanting to hear real life motivation!”
— Krystal M., AVID Coordinator, Texas
“I really appreciated the fact that you were willing to share with us your personal story, and I highly respect that you did it to help benefit us, a group of complete strangers to you. Your speech had a definite impact on me, especially as a senior who is about to enter “the real world” and is in search of some sort of guidance.”
— S. Woo, H.S. Student, Texas
“A.C. shared his experiences with us in a way that many of our students who hear his speech can relate it to their lives. Personally, it brought tears to my eyes. I was able to relate to his testimony. This is REALITY...a lot of the children hear words of encouragements only from us teachers. His speech served as a great reminder of the important role we have as teachers in the lives of our students.”
— Eva C., Teacher, Texas
“Great message. Loved that you asked the students the question, ‘Do you know why you are here?’ Kids don’t have any idea why they are where they are. They’re there just because someone told them to be there. AWESOME work. You have a message kids need to hear.”
— Mary A., Librarian, Texas
“Your rap was amazing, and your speech was so inspirational. I came away from it with so many quotes written in my notebook! Thank you!”
— C. Martin, H.S. Student, Texas
“A.C. is very energetic and exciting to listen and learn from. He is a powerful speaker that keeps the students focused and engaged. His style draws you in on every word he has to say!”
— Harry M., Director, Illinois
“Mr. Cristales connected with the students in a very moving way! They resonated with his stories, and his speech encouraged them to persevere through their own challenges. He motivated them to see value in the lessons they can learn from difficult times and from their own experiences. I believe they now have a greater sense of hopefulness and determination for their own educational careers.”
— Elizabeth S., Teacher, Texas
“You’re a role model to a lot of kids including me. My story is similar to yours and I teared up a little bit. Thank you for giving me and everyone hope that there’s still chances to succeed in life and make a better life.”
— O. Rangel, H.S. Student, Texas
“A.C. made an immediate connection with our students, and when he spoke they knew his words came from his heart. It was an extraordinary experience even for myself, a foreign language teacher from Venezuela who still has the determination and desire to fulfill my dreams. He will impact your students.”
— Ana M., Teacher, Texas