Youth Motivational Speaker  |  A.C. Cristales


You did an excellent job as the guest speaker! ‘You kept it real!’ and that is lacking in some schools. These kids needed to see someone they can identify with who had the same challenges they do.
— Victor N., Asst. Principal, Plano ISD

A.C. Cristales' mission is to touch the lives of students, educators, parents and other leaders through interactive programs that motivate and empower his listeners to lead their lives defined by personal and professional success. By connecting to students and young adults on a personal level and discussing relevant, real life issues and skills, A.C. will provide your students the tools and motivation they need to succeed in life. He is also committed to offering presentations for educators and parents to share ways that motivate our youth through meaningful relationships and helping them realize the power they have as leaders of young minds. 

You are very inspiring and I greatly respect you for not letting your past or background define who you are and have an impact on your future. I also respect you because you are SO REAL. I hope to see you busting rhymes soon. You are truly OUTSTANDING.
— M. Sartor, H.S. Student, TX


A.C. motivates students and helps them realize their potential.  He is engaging and personal, presenting fresh ideas and strategies that empower students.  Contact A.C. today to schedule an event for your school or organization.


The transition from high school to college can be daunting.  A.C. addresses the issues students face as they enter or prepare for college.  Have him to speak at your event and watch students gain the confidence they need to succeed in college and life.


Every young person's life is shaped by life lessons they receive from adults.  A.C. is passionate about providing additional practical support, tools and resources for parents, educators and youth workers to use at home or in the classroom.